The Wait Is Over!

The wait is over…my new book No Pressure…But Don’t Mess This Up is now available for pre-order!

“No Pressure…But Don’t Mess This Up” is my personal take on leadership after successfully serving twice as an Air Force squadron commander. I share my thoughts and insights on how to approach the arc of a tour as a squadron commander based on my own experiences, failures, and successes. Rising Air Force leaders will be motivated to serve as authentic leaders that are needed in the most influential position that few will experience. “No Pressure…But Don’t Mess This Up” will teach you to not be another cog in the machine and be the leader that you’ve always wanted to follow. 

Leading in the modern military across multiple generations take a constantly evolving set of skills to ensure no one is left behind. Being selected to serve as a squadron commander in the Air Force is potentially the greatest level of influence you can have on people that will last for the rest of their career. “No Pressure…But Don’t Mess This Up” provides practical advice and reality-tested recommendations on how you can successfully serve across your command tour and be the inspirational leader everyone needs you to be.

My book is set to be released at the end of this month or early next month (pending COVID-19 impacts). Visit the Constant Elevation shop to place your pre-order NOW!

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