AAPI Leaders Unmuted

With the upcoming Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage month approaching, I decided I wanted to bring forward some important conversations to advance the Air Force as a whole when it comes to understanding and learning about the AAPI experience. The dirty stuff. The uncomfortable stuff. Maybe stuff you didn’t know or even think about. More importantly, I want you to hear our voices unmuted so you can understand the complexity of how and why we sometimes interact with non-AAPIs and with ourselves within the Air Force and American society as a whole. You won’t find this kind of information at a cultural celebration with food and dance (not that there is anything wrong with that), but I think it’s vitally important with current societal challenges and opportunities to highlight these subjects so we are all better Airmen and leaders.

So, starting next week I’m going to host some conversations with AAPI leaders with some LIVESTREAMS on my YouTube channel with leaders from around the Air Force to get some things off of our chest. Things like the negative aspects to the Model Minority Myth, Interminority Friction, examples of AAPI negativity you might not even know is happening, and probably some topics that just generally piss us off and we want to talk about and fix for everyone. We aren’t scholars or experts, just regular AAPI leaders who have risen through the ranks from different backgrounds and have had different experiences to get there. I guarantee you will learn something, I know I am just setting this up.

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