New Goals, Same Grind

“If you’re bored with life – you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals.” In this episode, I reflect on my recent AAPI Leaders Unmuted project, my thoughts upon completing JPME II and returning to work, and some early previews on goals I’m setting for myself as I look towards the horizon. This will be the final episode of season 3 and I look forward to returning with even more content to help us all Constantly Elevate.

Reflection on AAPI Leaders Unmuted

  • Pushed me to create something that I wasn’t probably ready for, but took action nonetheless
  • There are brave voices willing to share their experiences, they just needed a platform to express those feelings
  • I can still do more throughout the year, hence some new projects on the horizon

Reflections after JPME II

  • This would have been great prior to my current joint assignment. However, I (along with other students) was able to link my real-world experience to the class to provide context and additional insight
  • Not every problem requires the military to solve it. Arguable, the military instrument of power should be the last option, but must remain an agile and learning organization that can respond when needed
  • Stepping into more senior roles, I need to continue to expand my vision on how to approach and define problems, understand what resources are available and must be integrated for true success, and be ready for complex issues that will require creative ideas based on the past and present
  • Operating and defending in the cyber domain is still largely an unknown area for a large amount of the force, so it is up to us to not screw it up
  • The best quote ever: “Gabe, make sure you punch those cyber adversaries in their meat supply.”

New Projects

  • AAPI Heritage Event Handbook – Goal: Forge leaders in the AAPI community who are driven to host successful, memorable, and influential AAPI Heritage Month events.
    • As mentioned in the last AAPI Leaders Unmuted show, I plan on working with other AAPI leaders to pay it forward and arm next year’s leaders with lessons learned and resources to host successful AAPI Heritage Month events in 2022.
  • Alphabet Aerobics Mixtape – Goal: complement my leadership philosophy (Side A) with my personal philosophy (Side B).
    • Product will be in written form first, then expand to audio and/or video. 
    • As the title infers, I will more than likely LEGIT record cassette tapes…with potential added content.
  • Unmuted Mentoring – Goal: Provide an outlet for anonymous guests to have a mentorship conversation that protects their identity, provides real-time advice, and shareable content.
    • This is not an “ask me anything” type of event that offers a breadth of advice in small clips, but instead something that offers depth of conversation that benefits the guest directly and the audience indirectly. 
  • Multimedia Content Creator – Goal: Develop a strategy to elevate the next stage of my creative efforts
    • Constant Elevation Podcast Season 4, YouTube Channel, writing again.

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