3 reasons to watch the CrossFit Games

At CrossFit Hampton Roads, we already know that CrossFit is the best all-around strength and conditioning program that is accessible to everyone. Did you also know about the sport of CrossFit? Every year, the best athletes worldwide compete at the CrossFit Games to find the fittest male, female, and team on the planet. Athletes are tested across multiple days with multiple workouts in truly jaw-dropping performances. Like any other professional sport, spectators can and should watch the Games to share in the spectacle of our worldwide community. Here are three reasons to pique your interest.

Witness peak performance across every age – Around the world, athletes of all shapes and sizes competed in the CrossFit Open in March of this year to officially kick off the Games season. For many of us at CFHR, we extended the number of times we have competed and added another year to our resumes. For others, it was the first experience to test themselves at their current fitness level and informed new goals to strive for. At the Games, there are a total of 9 age divisions that span from teenage (14-15 and 16-17 years) and Masters (35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, and 65+ years) where you can really see how the best in the world perform at this CrossFit thing of ours. The performances can be extremely humbling, but also inspiring! Who wouldn’t want to be able to do pull-ups and deadlifts as we continue to age? The majority of the Games will focus on the Open category (18-34 years), but be sure to tune in to your age division to see your true peers performing at the highest levels.

You can watch live competition at your convenience. – As CrossFit fans know, the Games are always a spectacle worth watching live or by streaming. Attending in person is an energetic vibe that you can only get through sports in person. However, taking an entire week off of work may not be easily feasible…enter the beauty of the internet! The CrossFit Games offers FREE access to modern streaming coverage that spans all aspects of the competition – all the heats, interviews, analyses, and replays at your convenience. You won’t miss a single rep of your favorite athlete or even and you’ll be able to cheer on the athletes from the comfort of your house (or quietly at work, sssshhhh). Head to the CrossFit Games channel on YouTube to tune in to all of the action.

A timely boost of motivation – Once the Games conclude, that is technically the end of this year’s season…and also kicks off the first day of next year’s season. That’s right, it’s time to develop your game plan to tackle your weaknesses, smash new goals, and enjoy the journey with your fellow athletes in the box. Many of us have entered for the first time to a CrossFit Box because we were curious, some looking for health and physical improvements, and others looking to try a new sport. And although the vast majority of us never dream of being able to compete with elite athletes, seeing where hard work and dedication can take you could be very inspiring.

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