Allow me to reintroduce myself

“This is how it should be done. This style is identical to none.” Welcome back to Season 6 of Constant Elevation! In this episode, I provide an update on my life happenings since the conclusion of season 5 and why I decided to return to the mic. I’m excited to continue to share my stories and thoughts on how all of us can rise to our potential and define the future.

Welcome back to Season 6 of Constant Elevation! If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to my podcast wherever you choose to listen to them and subscribe to my YouTube channel if that’s your preferred method of media. Regardless of your choice, MAHALO for either continuing as a prior listener or joining the team as a new listener. Be sure to check out previous seasons, those topics are usually “evergreen” and might just be the spark you need to rise to your potential. Here are some highlights of what has happened since the conclusion of Season 5 in June of 2022:

New family location – The Avilla ohana is still on the east coast…it is what it is. We really wanted to be somewhere closer to the west coast, but the needs of the Air Force had other plans for us. It’s not impossible to see family, but As usual, we will make the best of the locations given to us.

New rank – After some long travel days, I celebrated my promotion with my family in Hawaii. My immediate family couldn’t make it because college/high school was starting the same week and split ops were the only option. The wifey and kids were the only ones I FaceTimed during the ceremony, and we got it done. So grateful to share the moment with my grandparents, mom, brother, and the rest of my Hawaii ohana. After 30 days of wearing my new rank, I can finally say I’m used to the phrase “Colonel Avilla.” Time to lead the way I’ve grown and learned up to this point and need to learn and grow. Now isn’t the time to settle, but instead use my powers for good. And by good, I mean for the good of the team, not for me. Words that I say as a Colonel may carry a little more weight, but they better be the right words in the first place. I want to fight hard to remain gaberock…who happens to be a Colonel.

New role – Paired up with my new rank is a new job: Division Chief, Cyberspace Transformation, Directorate of Cyberspace and Information Dominance, Headquarters Air Combat Command. The job has a ton of responsibilities spread across five branches that I am thankful for the current leadership I get to team up with. However, my spidey sense quickly started to tingle that certain aspects of our team dynamic needed immediate shaping to remove inefficiencies that were clearly taking their toll on the team. I haven’t solved everything yet, but I’m doing my part to establish the right type of culture that focuses on priorities, takes our jobs seriously but not ourselves, and carve out time to recharge and do it all over again. In the midst of those efforts, I’m also constantly fighting to stay focused on what I am uniquely supposed to do as a division chief and not do someone’s job. I’m sure I’ll share more of my escapades in season 6, but I believe I was chosen for this job for a reason. 

New coaching opportunity – I may or may not be the token diversity hire at CrossFit Hampton Roads, hahaha! All jokes aside, the stars aligned for me to quickly find a new CrossFit home to continue my passion for coaching. The athletes and staff were welcoming from day one and I am 100% confident I found the right place with the right people to do great things.  Props to Head Coach Lindsay London for her positive leadership example and for delivering a CrossFit affiliate experience that will make all us of that much better. If you’re in the Hampton Roads area drop into the best gym in town!

Why I decided to return – I’ve mentioned before that this show serves as a cathartic release of my thoughts and feelings on leadership, so part of me needs this show. I use my platform to marinate on ideas and solutions to situations that many of us face within the workplace and our communities. I use my platform to connect with like-minded individuals to collaborate on ways we can grow ourselves and the next generation behind us. I seek to improve myself across many paths of my life…and I like to talk about it and post it on the internet for the right audience. I’ve never prescribed to have THE solution to becoming a great leader because that solution doesn’t exist. I can promise to share my stories to inspire you to keep going. Keep on being your authentic self because that’s what the world needs. Keep on growing because the only thing constant is change. Keep on seeking to define the future…I’ll be with you along the way.