The Relaunch

There is nothing permanent other than change. Sobering thought, but it is a fact of life that contains both pros and cons. While the unknown can be frightening, it can also be excited. So here we are, with the shadow of my website Project Rise and my podcast Breaking Red behind me, and the dawn of Constant Elevation in front of me.

The game stays the same: I have a deep passion to develop rising leaders within the Air Force and local communities to their full potential. I’ve combined my previous efforts into a new evolution that will provide a one-stop shop for all of the experiences and advice I want to share with the world. I’ve been around the block, and I provide my story for you to learn from my mistakes and emerge as an even stronger leader.

As time has progressed, I grew consistently stronger with the awareness on the type of leader I chase to be within the Air Force and the type of person I want to be in my community. My diverse interests and passions are shared with many, and my perspective on life is also shared amongst the varied communities I am proud to be associated with. I’ve curated this website to share my various creations:

  • Podcast – My weekly show to talk about officership, leadership, fitness, environmental responsibility, and anything that interests me
  • Blog – My bi-weekly articles in written form where I can continue to express my thoughts
  • Services – Are you looking for one-on-one mentoring or coaching services? I got you fam.
  • Resources – An enduring space where I can offer FREE resources for you to use to reach your goals

Finally, I’m always conscious of wanting to not waste your time. Know what’s one of the worst wastes of your time. Endless social media bullshit. While I understand and will use social media to share information, I don’t want you spending too much time there. Instead, I recommend you sign up for my e-mail newsletter below so you can stay up to date on things here on Constant Elevation without having to fight against the tide of cat video memes or whatever new trend is happening. I won’t spam you, but only email you with relevant info so you can stay informed and get back to killing it wherever you happen to be.

Thanks for being here, you’ve found the right place for rising leaders. We aren’t interested in waiting for the future…we’re going to define the future.