Interns: Because we give a sh*t w/Kaylan Swartz and Michael Klepfer

In this episode, I welcome Kaylan Swartz and Michael Klepfer to talk about their experience as new interns at Revival Fitness. We discuss their fitness backgrounds, what drove them to sign up to be an intern in the first place, and how they want to be positive examples of leadership within our local fitness community.

Kaylan is a native Marylander and lifelong fitness and sports enthusiast. As a former Division I college athlete, she loves competition and knows the benefits of leading an active lifestyle. Kaylan works full-time on foreign policy and defense issues for the federal government and spent some time doing policy work on Capitol Hill. Kaylan is a new(ish) mom to 10-month-old Clark and lives in Maryland with Clark, her husband Charlie, and their bonkers dog Max.

Michael Klepfer found a love for fitness around thirty. Before then, exercise was a requirement to within fitness standards. Klep joined Revival Fitness in early 2019 and that was the beginning of turning fitness from a chore to a hobby. Klep wants fitness to be fun and set a good example for others out there to include his two children, Arya and Leonidas.  

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