Constant Elevation Podcast – Season 6

The Constant Elevation Podcast is for leaders who aren’t waiting for the future, we are defining the future. Join Gabriel “gaberock” Avilla on his journey through the Air Force, fitness, family, and everything in between to inspire you to rise to your full potential.

Talk Less, But Have More To Say

“Be brief, be brilliant, be gone” In this episode, I share my thoughts upon returning from a recent work trip. This trip ended up being challenging for me to keep my same energy the entire time, but I now have a better understanding of how to prepare and execute those work days and not burn myself out.

Alphabet Aerobics 2.0: My Updated Leadership Philosophy

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” In this episode, I share my updated leadership philosophy. Understanding and sharing your core values as a leader is important, but remember to periodically do a self-assessment on them to ensure you are still pointing in the direction you want to.

The Triple C’s of Teamwork

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” In this episode, I share my simple list of elements of a high-performing team: Communicate, 

Coordinate, and Collaborate. When used effectively, these elements can save time and energy on otherwise wasted efforts and concentrate the team on what matters most: success achieved together. *Note: the audio sounds off this week because I didn’t choose the right input when I recorded. But since I’m “One Take Jake” when I create my content, it is what it is, hahaha!

Do you want to Be Someone or Do Something?

“To be or to do? Which way will you go?” In this episode, I share insight into my recent experience of not being selected for the next level of competitive leadership: group command. To say I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster would be putting it lightly, but I believe in the end that I’m on the path that I need to be on, not necessarily the one I may have wanted.

Allow me to reintroduce myself

“This is how it should be done. This style is identical to none.” Welcome back to Season 6 of Constant Elevation! In this episode, I provide an update on my life happenings since the conclusion of season 5 and why I decided to return to the mic. I’m excited to continue to share my stories and thoughts on how all of us can rise to our potential and define the future.

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