Don’t ask for permission, ask for advice

“Act as if what you do makes a difference, because it does.” In the season 6 finale, I share my thoughts on how we need leaders to act boldly and with minimal oversight. While it may seem comforting at times to hear feedback that you are leading your team in the right direction, don’t lose sight that you have the capacity to trailblaze the path that was never there in the first place.

*Note: After I recorded this episode, I realize dthat I switched up the words “guidance” (which I used when recording this episode) and “advice” (which is in the title of this episode). Noted…get over it. The ideas I’m sharing remain the same.

In a world where the only thing constant is change, leaders can make truly positive changes if they stop asking for permission and ask for advice instead. Trust your gut and take action. Ask for feedback and ideas on how to implement your vision, but remember to stay the course and get make your vision happen. You will know the difference between which instances you actually need to ask for permission from your leadership, which should be as minimal as possible. Seek to be empowered, not encumbered. Work hard on the details, but do not be held down by them. Use details as balance points, not anchors, so you can continue to move forward. 

Don’t overthink shit. You’ve got this. Get it done.