Lasso on Leadership

“Doing the right thing is never the wrong thing.” In this episode, I cover my 5 favorite leadership quotes from a source you may not be tracking: Ted Lasso. This fictional soccer coach drops numerous nuggets of leadership insight that we all can benefit from if we only BELIEVE in ourselves.

“Doing the right thing is never the wrong thing.”

Integrity is an Air Force core value for a reason.

“Living in the moment, it’s a gift. That’s why they call it the present.”

Staying in the moment is tough, but when embraced properly it can be immensely rewarding.

“It may not work out how you think it will or how you hope it does. But believe me, it will all work out.”

The only thing constant is change.

“Just listen to your gut, and on the way down to your gut, check in with your heart. Between those two things, they’ll let you know what’s what.”

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

“For me, success is not about the wins and losses. It’s about helping these young fellas be the best versions of themselves on and off the field.”

You either Win or Learn, it’s up to you to make that distinction.