Are you an Insider or Outsider?

Challenges within an organization are constant, but how you approach them will separate you as a leader or as an observer. This episode provides insight into the challenges I have ahead of me as I take on a new job and how I will implement my plan of action to bring the team to new heights.


What would you do when you are taking over a new team and this is the feedback provided during a recent climate assessment of your organization?

23 – Lack of defined and/or consistent direction from senior leadership
16 – Poor work/life balance (employees overworked)
10 – Crisis mode dominates the narrative vs strategic prioritization
9 – Lack of information sharing down the chain
7 – Lack of enforcement of policies and accountability of team members
5 – Lack of defined and repeatable processes and associated measures of success
3 – Battle rhythm that is too bureaucratic and doesn’t allow access to decisions 

*Note: these are simply indicators, not the gospel truth on how the organization is doing. However, when themes become consistent…there is something that needs to be addressed.


  • Outsider – Has an external view of a problem or issue and provides feedback and/or recommendations on how to fix them. No immediate responsibility.
  • Insider – Has an internal view of the problem or issue and is able to implement fixes. Has an inherent responsibility.

My plan of action as an Insider

  1. Listen/Observe (Lights…) – Take in as much information as possible from as many sources as possible. See what the “now” and sketch my initial thoughts on good and bad.
  2. Prioritize (…Camera…) – Spend the time to write down my first draft of priorities and socialize with the team (both internal and external). Then do it again. Bring everyone together and earn buy-in on a unified plan within 60 days.
  3. Build momentum through small wins (…Action!) – Leaders gonna lead. If I’m not doing my job, I’m wasting everyone’s time. I’m not just going to be a motivational sign, I’m going to do shit.