Building the momentum of change and seeing it through

“You can’t build an adaptable organization without adaptable people–and individuals change only when they have to, or when they want to.” In this episode, I share my thoughts on approaching organizational change. This three-part cycle can be applied to any size team, it just takes deliberate leadership and teamwork to turn a bright idea into a reality that has long-term sustainability built in. Here we go!


How can one drive organizational change that will stick? Here is the three-phrase process I recommend using:


  • Functions as the catalyst to change. Recognizes an issue and must apply critical thinking to what the root cause of the issue is at hand. 
  • Dependent on the ability to communicate their idea clearly to multiple audiences. 
  • Efficacy of the change is related to the number of people who understand and believe in the change


  • Take the time to document the process so that it can be clearly followed
  • Socialize the process as it’s being built to ensure all equities are considered
  • Once final, loop in senior leadership (executive version) so they understand their portion of the process (if applicable)


  • Belief in the change must be followed through. Writing down a process doesn’t produce change unless people put it into action
  • Don’t let the spent energy go to waste! Follow through and adjust the process as necessary to deliver results
  • After some time has elapsed, revisit the process with fresh eyes and new information to see if the process can be improved (start the cycle again)