Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Staying focused as a leader is crucial to the success of your team. It’s easy to get distracted by worrying about how your ideas could be perceived or let a small mistake hinder overall progress. It takes strength and humility to stay the course and continue to be a leader when others seek comfort in the day to day monotony with no real progression.  With the help of a throwback jam, I share my three tips on how I inspire and work with those around me to stay focused on what matters the most. Because we can’t stop, won’t stop.


Here’s what the phrase “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” means to me:

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If someone tells you that you did something wrong, listen fully to what they are saying to make sure you understand what they are saying. If they are a good teammate, they are a valuable sensor that something needs to be adjust. Like the last episode w/Col Csank: You don’t have to be right, you have to get it right.
  • Find ways to inspire and rally the team. You can’t do everything, that’s just a fact. But you can surround yourself w/people who share your passion to get the job done and will help you move the agenda forward for everyone involved. The right people you want around you will stay the course w/you and seek to define the future. That’s the kind of leaders I seek to build. The ones who move forward with their teammates, not in spite of their teammates. 
  • Do what you believe is right. Too many leaders get caught up in doing things to not rustle feathers or not taking action because of how actions could be perceived. If you put the work in, right is right. Let your work stand for itself and make others “grade it”. If there are improvements, they just made your idea better. If they can’t argue against your idea, keep the energy moving forward. You just cleared your agenda to do more work, and that’s what Constant Elevation is all about: not waiting for the future, but defining the future.