Hope Is Not A Course Of Action

“Hope is not a course of action.” In this episode, I kick off Season 3 of Constant Elevation by sharing my perspective on how I intend to tackle 2021. No resolutions or wishes on deck, just the drive to be a positive leader through my actions and not expecting hope to save the day.


When delivering any Course Of Action (COA) Briefing to any senior officer, a response you never want to give with any option is “We hope this solution will work.” That type of answer will immediately get you thrown out of the room. That isn’t to say that every decision should only be made with 100% certainty, but using the word “hope” sound likes you have not given the proper amount of effort or analysis to a problem and are just throwing something out there to see if it will work.

I don’t plan on relying on hope in 2021. 

The idea of hope isn’t a bad thing, but it isn’t active enough for me. Hope seems passive. Hope seems like you are just waiting for good to manifest itself. Why wait? Why not take action and be an active part of what you want do or be in this world? 

For me, 2021 won’t be a year of hope. 2021 will be a year of purpose and action. This will be a year of focus and creativity. This will be a year of positivity through how I move and impact this world. Here are some of the steps I’m actively taking:

  • Family and Friends – Will remain my top priority. Already thinking of the next family vacation.
  • Finances – Relooking at what I spend my money and time on.
  • Fitness – Training for various competitions to focus my purpose. Also, how can I step my coaching game up? Answer: fine-tune the basics.

I will tackle 2021 with growth mindset and find ways to better myself and the world around me. There is no wishful thinking behind those words; I will make them happen because hope is not a course of action.