Iron Sharpens Iron with Marcus Ofoia-Stevens

“The sport of weightlifting doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” In this week’s episode, I interviewed my weightlifting coach, Marcus Ofoia-Stevens, co-founder of Iron Athletics Weightlifting Club. We cover our origin story at CrossFit 808, how the mind of a weightlifter differs from the average athlete, and how being a coach within the sport of weightlifting has a direct correlation to being an effective leader that stays focused on unlocking the potential of their athletes. 


  • Finding the right coach (mentor) helps you build character
  • If you feed ego to a lifter, they will become egotistical
  • It you teach them that humility is just as much apart of the process as the training itself then they become less egotistical
  • Coaching is personality management. Knowing what the athlete may tend towards and getting them back to the standards 
  • Coaching is people business, plain and simple
  • The barbell doesn’t care about your rank
  • Good coaches know the basics, but know how to break it down and communicate really well (virtuosity)

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