Living Fiercely Forward with Ashley Johns


Ashley Johns is an entrepreneur and owner of Fierce Forward Jewelry, a lifestyle brand created in 2010 designed to help others develop the courage to move forward through their fears. Living with intention changed her life so much that she made it her personal mission to help others move forward in their lives! Fierce Forward Jewelry is designed as a way that you can stay focused on what you want to create in your life. 

Ashley is also the host of the Fierce Forward Podcast. How do you move past fear, limiting beliefs and seeking validation of your worth outside of yourself? How do you rise up and embody your fiercest, truest Self? How do you find the courage within yourself to face your fears and overcome challenges so you can live your life empowered and free?

The Fierce Forward Podcast is where we will uncover the answers to all of these questions and more! Every week, Ashley will share tools to trust your inner wisdom and follow your heart, empowering interviews with other women paving their own unique paths and inspiration to keep you moving forward and continuously stepping into your fiercest Self.

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  • Even though the military is built on the foundation of teamwork and service, this does not require completely removing one’s individuality. That individuality is what makes us stronger as a team. 

Easy steps to developing your self-awareness:

  • Spend time alone. Listen to your thoughts and observe yourself.  Practice being calm with your thoughts.
  • Take time to write. An intentional practice of writing down one’s thoughts can lead to powerful revelations of oneself and confronting uncomfortable thoughts. Don’t distract yourself with unnecessary stimuli.
  • Exposure. Open yourself to ideas from others and put the things that make sense to you in your daily habits. Just listening won’t work; you have to move fiercely forward. 
  • Listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Technology of today allows you to easily intake information when it is convenient for you. Take advantage of this and seek a variety of inputs to expand your mindset and become a stronger individual.