No Pressure…But Don’t Mess This Up – THE BOOK!

“No Pressure…But Don’t Mess This Up.” On the one-year anniversary of my launching my podcast, I congratulate all of the officers recently selected for the best job in the Air Force: Squadron Command, AND…announce the title of my upcoming book and give some insight to the upcoming release! I am excited to release my passion project from over a year and a half of hard work and want to continue to inspire the next generation of leaders the Air Force needs.

Congratulations to the officers recently selected for squadron command in the US Air Force! I look forward to all of you leading boldly and shaping the leaders the Air Force needs. My two tours as squadron commander had a huge impact on shaping both the professional and personal sides of my life and I’m excited about your upcoming opportunities. 

On 24 March 2019, I made a public challenge to myself that I was going to write a book about squadron command. I was posting weekly content to my old blog Project Rise and decided that I wanted to expand on that practice and write an actual book. I wasn’t quite sure what the overall theme was going to be or even how to write and publish a book, but I kept on organizing and writing down my thoughts. I wanted to capture the ideas and advice I wanted to pass on to other squadron commanders so they could learn from my mistakes and be inspired to create their own path, not just follow the one that they were taught about. After a lot of hard work and help along the way, I’m finally finished with my book: “No Pressure…But Don’t Mess This Up.” My book is hitting the printer and will be publicly available next month, but pre-sales will begin this month! SIGN UP FOR MY FREE NEWSLETTER TO GET EARLY ACCESS TO THE PRE-SALE!

Here is the quick preview of the book description on the back of the book:

Every Airman is expected to lead when the mission calls them to, but few leaders are given the ultimate responsibility to lead the foundational unit of today’s Air Force: squadron command.

Two-time squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Avilla gives you practical advice across the duration of a command tour to be the leader you’ve always wanted to follow. From the moment you assume command to the moment you relinquish command and everything in between, learn powerful work and life tactics to authentically lead from the front and inspire others to do the same.

Packed with personal insights, advice, and experiences that everyone can learn from, No Pressure…But Don’t Mess This Up will inspire multiple generations of leaders to confidently step into a position of inspiration within the Air Force that will be unmatched throughout your career. Whether you have already been selected for command or have aspirations to lead at the next level, you’ll learn how to unlock your full potential while avoiding becoming another cog in the machine. You were chosen to lead as a squadron commander, so get out there and LEAD.

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