Overcoming Interminority Friction with Capt Kevin Cho Tipton and 1Lt Ayana Cole-Fletcher

“Supporting another’s success won’t ever damper yours.” In this next episode of AAPI Leaders Unmuted, I talk with Captain Kevin Cho Tipton and 1Lt Ayana Cole-Fletcher on “Overcoming Interminority Friction.”  We talk about their experiences in standing up to their peers who were exhibiting negative behavior between our communities, how AAPI and Black communities can use our common history to build ties instead of seed division, and what drives them to make positive changes between our communities. The Air Force is in good hands with leaders like them who are willing to help us all change for the better.

Direct link to YouTube versionhttps://youtu.be/evX45cj2sZ0


Kevin Cho Tipton was born in Korea, Kevin was adopted and immigrated to the United States in 1989. Since 2010, he has served in the Florida Air National Guard and is currently a Captain that serves as Deputy Flight Leader. Apart from his work in the ICU, Kevin’s most fulfilling professional moments have been caring for the victims of Hurricane María in Puerto Rico, assisting with Florida’s COVID-19 vaccine program, and teaching at Miami-Dade College. Kevin is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University and Thomas Jefferson University. Outside of medicine, he has a background in public policy through his work as an aide in the Florida House of Representatives. Today, Kevin advocates for Florida’s Medicaid expansion, and provides direct-care to those facing homelessness through his charity clinic.

As a child, Ayana Cole-Fletcher had the unique experience of being born and raised in Japan as a military brat. After her parents retired from the military , she moved to the states – where she spent  her teenage years reading ,drawing , singing , swimming, and watching K-dramas. Ayana later joined the family business , as it were, by graduating from the United States Air Force Academy with a Major in English and Minor in Chinese, and currently serves as a Section Commander (38F). Ayana is also a newly minted dog mom to her crazy Bichon Frisé named Louis Pupstrong. In the near future, Ayana will wear two bars on her chest as a Captain, a feat she attributes to God, her family, and being born at just the right time to be her ancestors’ wildest dream( her parents were alive during the Civil Rights Era after all). She still loves to sing and is blessed to be on her church’s praise team, but was told to stop singing at work, then started singing the National Anthem for ceremonies. 


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