Simple Rules For Success w/Sergeant Major (Retired), USMC, Greg Harting

“Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example.” In this episode, I interview Sergeant Major (Retired), USMC, Greg Harting. We talk about our origin story at USMC Command and Staff College, his three simple rules for success, and how leaders need to stop overthinking things and get out there and lead. Let’s Go!

Three Simple Rules For Success
Know what you’re required to do, and do it.
Know what you’re not allowed to do, and don’t do those things.
Know who you’re competing with and do more than them.

Greg was raised in St. Louis, Missouri and in his late teens spent a short amount of time in both Oklahoma and Arizona.  In August 1994 at the age of 17, he joined the military serving 18 months in the Arizona Army National Guard before beginning his career in the United States Marine Corps.

As a Marine, Greg initially served in a variety of technical and supervisory roles in aviation maintenance, as well as flying duties as an enlisted aircrewman on the KC-130 Hercules, while stationed at units in North Carolina and Okinawa, Japan, and during two operational deployments in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

                  In 2001, he was selected and trained to serve as a Marine Security Guard Detachment Commander and he and his family were fortunate to spend three great years at the U.S. Embassies in Madrid, Spain and Lomé, Togo.

                  In 2008, he was selected to serve the remainder of his career as a Senior Enlisted Leader/Advisor and subsequently served as a Combat Engineer Company and Infantry Rifle Company First Sergeant at units in North Carolina and California, and during two combat deployments in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.  He later served as an Artillery Battalion, Combat Engineer Battalion, and Marine Aircraft Group Sergeant Major before finishing his career at Headquarters United States Marine Corps as the Personnel Sergeant Major for the Marine Corps after 27 years of total service.

                  During his career, Greg received multiple personal decorations including the Legion of Merit Medal, Purple Heart Medal, and Combat Action Ribbon; was the subject of four meritorious advancements in rank; and was a distinguished graduate of multiple professional schools, to include the Marine Corps University Command and Staff College where he earned a Master of Military Studies Degree.

                  Since his retirement in February of 2020, Greg has been employed at a small consulting firm as a Training and Development Subject Matter Expert, currently supporting a contract with the Department of Homeland Security.  In his off time he enjoys riding his motorcycle and practicing martial arts.

                  Greg and his wife Heidi have been together since before his military career began and together they have one son, who is currently an active duty Captain of Marines.