This is Constant Elevation

Exit Breaking Red…Enter CONSTANT ELEVATION, the show for rising military and community leaders that seek to define the future. I am your host Gabriel “gaberock” Avilla, and on our very first episode, I’ll cover why I decided to rebrand, what I’ve previously created under Project Rise and Breaking Red, and what to look forward to under the new banner of Constant Elevation. LET’S GO!

Where I’ve been

  • For our subscribed listeners, you knew this show as the Breaking Red Podcast, a show I started in Sep 2019 to complement my website, and talk about all things leadership, Air Force, fitness, whatever came to my mind. Constant Elevation is the continuation of my creative expressions
  • Happy Birthday to me – 40 years!
  • Birthday WOD: 40 Rounds: 1 Bear Complex every :30 seconds (135/95#)

Why I decided to rebrand

  • Project Rise – 2019 stats: 47 total posts, 6,037 views
  • Breaking Red Podcast – 2019 stats: over 1,200 plays
  • Thank you for listening, sending me messages, offering ideas, and just enjoying the content. I sincerely do these things out of pure positivity and trying to help make the world a better place from my unique perspective
  • Needed to unify my efforts under one banner that reflected my continued passion to grow leaders within the communities I am a part of: the Air Force, my friends and family, the functional fitness community, my hobbies, and my passions

Here’s the new look!

  • New website,
  • “Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation” taken from the 1994 Gravediggaz album 6 Feet Deep, Track 2, “Constant Elevation”. I’m heavily influenced by 90s hip-hop and this lyric kept on calling to me. The phrase offered me a connection to my old website Project Rise, and I wanted to evoke the idea of being an ‘infinite student’, always wanting to learn and get better in life
  • The audience of Constant Elevation isn’t limited to the Air Force, as I intend to explore topics and bring on guests and friends I find interesting and will bring conversations and techniques to expand your toolset to lead yourself and your teams to greater heights
  • Blog – The written word is powerful; bi-weekly articles to allow further expression
  • Podcast – Effectively season 2 of the Breaking Red podcast, so thanks for subscribing and sticking around as I evolve my efforts
  • Services – Offering personalized mentoring and coaching services to help you rise to your potential
  • Resources – Free downloads to build your arsenal
    • Train Smarter for your military running test – A proven 6-week program that will increase your performance on a 2 mile running test
    • Four points to build an effective Change of Command speech – How to nail your first impression as you take command of an Air Force squadron

What to look forward to

  • Continued focus on Air Force related topics to offer perspective and advice (my personal career, analysis of officer/enlisted issues, sister service comparison)
  • Continued focus on productivity tactics to increase efficiencies at work and life (stress management techniques, mindfulness tools, nutrition strategies)
  • Focus on functional fitness perspective (Coaching, CrossFit, running, weightlifting)
  • Focus on taking care of this world (personal and community responsibilities)
  • Launching of new products and services! Subscribe to my e-mail list to stay connected and obtain early access