Time – the one resource you can't make more of

As I transition to my new job with a new boss, I filled out an Initial Feedback form for my non-Air Force (Army) supervisor. One of the questions for me to answer was “Do you have stressors in your life? If so, what are the goals for reducing them? How can we help?”

A source of stress for me is preserving the one resource I can’t make more of: Time

How do I deal with this stress? I shape my time to ensure my energy is blended across my priorities. I choose not to say balance because that sounds like I need to compromise one for another, so I work hard to ensure nothing gets left behind. 

“White space”

  • Leaving white space on my calendar for me to be available to think and be there for my team. The battle rhythm of meetings is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that should be all of your time. I’m very careful on which meetings I need to attend, because each of those timeblocks takes away from me doing something I probably should be doing instead.
  • I made the promise to respect the time of my teammates as much as possible so they can be efficient and not get burned out. I won’t be scheduling any meetings for the late afternoon as much as possible because I don’t want them to think it is “normal” to work an extended duty day. Those should be exceptions and exceptions only.


  • Whether they like it or not, I will remain a presence in the life of my children! Even as teenagers, we have family dinners as much as possible so we spend time catching up with each other and staying connected. This is a priority event on my calendar and I expect the same from my teammates at work. We are all going to hang up our uniform for one reason or another, so don’t burn your family bridges along the way.
  • My family is very understanding of my professional and personal responsibilities as the supportED family member, so I want to be a good supportING family member as well. Whether it’s our son’s futsal games, my wife’s hiking adventures, or accompanying my daughter to her first K-Pop concert, I make sure I’m there to support their interests and build stronger connections with each other


  • My job is very mentally demanding, but not physically demanding. The ability to push my body helps develop my mental strength, and I ensure my fitness routine is treated as mandatory appointments within my schedule. 
  • I always strive to lead by example as a military officer and CrossFit coach when it comes to fitness. I don’t claim to be the strongest or fastest, but I consistently work hard to stay as fit as possible. By leading by example and showing that fitness is a priority in my life, I can help others along the way on their own fitness journey. 


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