We Fail and Succeed at the Margins of our Experiences

“We Fail and Succeed at the Margins of our Experiences.” In this episode, I cover my recent experience of finally putting my hands on my new book, “No Pressure”, and what it meant to finally achieve this milestone. The road wasn’t always easy, but I stayed the course and am proud of my creation. I also cover some new experiences and challenges I’m preparing for in my continuous pursuit of constant elevation.


29 October 2020. This is the date I finally was able to hold my book, No Pressure. From the first day that I challenged myself to write a book, a total of 557 days have passed. I challenged myself to write a book on leadership and my experiences thus far in the Air Force. I had no prior experience writing anything more than a paper for school, and I learned and failed several times along the way. There was a point in time I was frustrated with certain things in life and wanted to quit writing, but remembered that writing helped me deal with those frustrations in a positive manner. An indirect spin-off from my book is this podcast! I’m proud of my accomplishment and happy to share my creation with the world. I’m going to personally autograph and number the first 100 copies of my book, free of charge. The book will eventually go up for sale on Amazon later this year, but that won’t be autographed. 

I’m not stopping there. Here are some new experiences I’m planning in my continuous pursuit of constant elevation:

  • Marketing this book to the masses
  • “Sober November”
  • Preparing for the Baltimore Open in January 2021
  • Preparing for the CrossFit Open in February 2021
  • Starting to outline my next book