Ep 27 – How Can You Solve A Puzzle Without All The Pieces?
Ep 26 – Spend Your Time Wisely, Don’t Let Time Spend You
Ep 25 – The Answer is More Squats with Captain Danny Canlas
Ep 24 – Leading with Kindness and Compassion with Brigadier General Jimmy “Vegas” Canlas
Ep 23 – Staying True When No One Is Looking with SMSgt Eddie Grant
Ep 22 – Living Fiercely Forward with Ashley Johns
Ep 21 – Punching Doubt In The Throat
Ep 20 – DJ State of Mind with Lt Col Rory “DJ Tagg” Tibbals
Ep 19 – Iron Sharpens Iron with Marcus Ofoia-Stevens
Ep 18 – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
Ep 17 – You don’t have to be right, you just have to get it right: a conversation with Colonel Trish Csank
Ep 16 – Social Connecting with the CCF Crew
Ep 15 – Changing mindsets through powerful words with Dr. Chris Stasik
Ep 14 – Is firing an underperformer the right solution?
Ep 13 – Take Action Today To Make Tomorrow Even Better with Dustin Thibodeaux
Ep 12 – The Hard Knock Military Brat Life: Parts 1 and 2
Ep 11 – Level-up your Leadership with Captain Russell Lewis
Ep 10 – Leadership as a Domain: a conversation w/Colonel (ret) Jon “Big Dogg” Rhone
Ep 9 – Time – the one resource you can’t make more of
Ep 8 – Are you an Insider or Outsider?
Ep 7 – My Leadership Philosophy
Ep 6 – A MAFO Conversation with Colonel Jaron “JRoux” Roux
Ep 5 – Dealing with Stress and Death
Ep 4 – Train Smarter For Your Military Running Test
Ep 3 – Aloha Aina
Ep 2 – Improving the Officer ranks: Air Force Promotion Zones and Army BCAP