Positive Energy Activates CONSTANT ELEVATION

Welcome back to Season 5 of Constant Elevation with Gabriel “gaberock” Avilla, the show for rising military and community leaders that seek to define the future. In this episode, I share a brief summary of what has happened since the end of Season 4 and why I decided to return.

  • Mental Health
    • I took advantage of rolling into the holidays to take an extended break. I just needed to free up space in my mind to slow down and just explore my thoughts.
    • During the break, I stepped up my art game. I take inspiration from what’s around me and just create. Check out my work on my Instagram.
  • Physical Health
    • “2022: The Year of the Rebuild” I won’t be doing any serious competitions (not that I’m a serious competitor anyway). I’m developing some plans that will inform the long game for 2023.
    • I’m awaiting results from MRI on my neck, which is affecting my left arm/shoulder.
    • Grateful to Kim and Bethany from Hanson Physical Therapy for helping me heal.
    • Revival Fitness, the gym I’ve had the privilege of coaching at for over two years, has re-affiliated as CrossFit Vive.
    • 2022 will be my 10th year participating in the CrossFit Open; I will more than likely go Scaled in the Male 40-44 division.
  • Family
    • I completed a successful birthday surprise for my wife and her two best friends from Arizona. Two months in planning, and I didn’t screw it up!
  • Career
    • I’m still pending being notified of where we will move this summer. I’ve provided my preferences and been..sort of…informed on where we could be going. Our family prefers an opportunity in San Antonio, but other things are happening in the background.
    • In parallel, I am competing for the first time for Group Command in Command Selection Board 2023 (CSB 23). If selected, there is the potential for our family to move in July, and then get notified in August we are moving again in the summer of 2023. Just another Permanent Change of Station for this Air Force family.
  • Season 5
    • I’m returning for another season to continue making content based on my personal experiences and sharing the highs and lows.
    • Leadership comes in all shapes and forms, but I don’t see many that look or talk like me, so instead of waiting for that leader, will be that leader. I’m still building out my style and am excited to share my story.

Lastly, I hope to seek to inspire you to find your own path. Don’t take mine, forge your own.

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